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My BASIC Interpreter

In a project in my previous job, I used a product that provides TCL as an extensible API for users. TCL is pretty good and easy to extend, but when you write a bigger script, things become terrible. Also, according to my personal experience, the biggest weakness of TCL is that it cannot evaluate expressions. […]

My Expression Evaluator

Recently I have been taking some time to work on a personal project. A sub-project of it is an expression evaluator. I just finished it today. It was written in C++ with STL, without 3rd-party software. (download “my expression evaluator”) This small tool work as a command line application, it take an argument as the […]

Block Access from a Range of IP Addresses

There are some guys from certain locales who keep posting spamming comments to my web site on a daily basis. Although most of them were caught automatically and won’t be shown, yet some of the spammers spam so frequently with very big posts, it’s really annoying to delete these periodically in order to avoid the […]

Buddhists’ Calendar

I made a small online tool: Buddhists’ Chinese calendar: http://www.idogicat.com/cal_fojiao.html Here is the Japanese version: http://www.idogicat.com/cal_fojiao_jp.html Here only the Buddhism festivals celebrated in China are adopted, since it’s mainly targeted to the Chinese Buddhism practitioners (this also includes most – if not all – of those in Japan and Korea).

Online Character Conversion Tool Set

Many kinds of characters are used in computer systems, even for the same language. This sometimes causes a lot of inconvenience. In Chinese world, there are two kind of writing systems: simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. The former is mainly used in mainland China and Singapore, while the latter is used in Taiwan and Hong […]

Suzhou Numerals Conversion Tool

In 2010 British TV series “Sherlock” episode 2 “The Blind Banker”, the smugglers used a set of mysterious symbols to pass on messages. Those symbols are in fact numbers written in “Suzhou Numerals”, which is an ancient way of writing numbers in China. Suzhou numerals derived from a kind of rod numerals in ancient China, […]

PC Awaker

Usually there are a lot of rules in global companies. One of them is the rule of forcing PC go into screen saving after 5 minutes, and if you want to use the PC again, you have to enter your password to unlock the PC. I admit that this is necessary for security reasons. But […]

My Tetris with AI Functionalities

Tetris game was invented by a Russian scientist. The concept is very simple but effective – even today there are a lot of people enjoying this game. I am not only interested in playing this game, but also interested in writing it (since I am a programmer 🙂 ). It has been my habit to […]

Japanese Calendar

This is an online Japanese calendar, based on the wonderful online Chinese calendar written by Sean Lin. This is very handy to check when you don’t have a calendar at hand. I made mistakes like rushing to office and eventually found that I was the only one there because it was a holiday. This calendar […]