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My BASIC Interpreter

In a project in my previous job, I used a product that provides TCL as an extensible API for users. TCL is pretty good and easy to extend, but when you write a bigger script, things become terrible. Also, according to my personal experience, the biggest weakness of TCL is that it cannot evaluate expressions. […]

My Expression Evaluator

Recently I have been taking some time to work on a personal project. A sub-project of it is an expression evaluator. I just finished it today. It was written in C++ with STL, without 3rd-party software. (download “my expression evaluator”) This small tool work as a command line application, it take an argument as the […]

PC Awaker

Usually there are a lot of rules in global companies. One of them is the rule of forcing PC go into screen saving after 5 minutes, and if you want to use the PC again, you have to enter your password to unlock the PC. I admit that this is necessary for security reasons. But […]