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Nuclear problem?

After the big earthquake, the biggest problem happened to be the nuclear plants, which is very scary. Here are some links that monitors radiation in different locations. By checking these frequently, our chance of being safe can increase: 都道府県別環境放射能水準調査結果(文部科学省) ガイガーカウンタ 茨城県 Meltdown alert at Japan reactor (BBC) NHK News

Online Character Conversion Tool Set

Many kinds of characters are used in computer systems, even for the same language. This sometimes causes a lot of inconvenience. In Chinese world, there are two kind of writing systems: simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. The former is mainly used in mainland China and Singapore, while the latter is used in Taiwan and Hong […]

Got permanent residency

After working here for more than 10 years, and waiting for several months, I eventually got the permanent residency on last Friday. I am very happy with this since now I have much bigger freedom than before. Ordinary visas have strict limitations. I hadn’t been aware of this before, until a friend of mine was […]