By default, all software published in this site are under HSL.

HSL: Han’s Simple License (or “HSL Simple License” as what some geeks like). Why it’s simple is just because I don’t like those confusing terms. I believe that the life should be simple.

Here is the content of the license:

  1. It’s proprietary software, but it’s free to use, no matter it’s personal use or business use.
  2. You cannot charge other people for using them. They should be told of this HSL.
  3. If you feel the software is useful for you, and you’d like to do something in return, please donate to any of the organizations listed below. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
  4. The author (i.e. Shandong Han) is not responsible for any issue caused by your using of software downloaded from this web site.



  • WWF (“World Wide Fund For Nature” or “World Wildlife Fund”)
  • Red Cross
  • any organization protecting people, dogs/cats & other wild animals, environment, etc.

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