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Fix of Powerpoint 2007 Not Accepting Chinese/Japanese Input

I seldom use Powerpoint because I am kind of dislike it. I especially dislike the slides made with company’s official templates: if those logos and fancy things are removed, a lot of ink will be saved when printing it. If Powerpoint is not used, all those contents are condensed into a Word or Excel document, […]

Block Access from a Range of IP Addresses

There are some guys from certain locales who keep posting spamming comments to my web site on a daily basis. Although most of them were caught automatically and won’t be shown, yet some of the spammers spam so frequently with very big posts, it’s really annoying to delete these periodically in order to avoid the […]

How to setup VNC

Task: setup VNC in Linux box, so that we can access the Linux box with GUI from windows PC. On Server Side (Linux): Install VNC server if it’s not yet installed. Add allowed VNC client’s IP address in /etc/hosts.allow Xvnc:  # supposing your PC’s address is this one Set VNC password > vncpasswd Start VNC […]

Grab the Internet Trouble Makers!

There are a lot of people trying to crack or spam others’ web sites (in vain)… What they usually do can be categorized into two types: one is trying to post their articles (usually advertisements for drugs and so on) automatically to a lot of forums; the other one is trying to download files that […]