Monthly Archives: August 2008

PC Awaker

Usually there are a lot of rules in global companies. One of them is the rule of forcing PC go into screen saving after 5 minutes, and if you want to use the PC again, you have to enter your password to unlock the PC. I admit that this is necessary for security reasons. But […]

My Tetris with AI Functionalities

Tetris game was invented by a Russian scientist. The concept is very simple but effective – even today there are a lot of people enjoying this game. I am not only interested in playing this game, but also interested in writing it (since I am a programmer 🙂 ). It has been my habit to […]

Japanese Calendar

This is an online Japanese calendar, based on the wonderful online Chinese calendar written by Sean Lin. This is very handy to check when you don’t have a calendar at hand. I made mistakes like rushing to office and eventually found that I was the only one there because it was a holiday. This calendar […]